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La Lech League is a volunteer organization originated in the USA.
In Israel we have English speaking leaders who facilitate an English speaking Facebook group, English speaking Zoom sessions, and also there are English breastfeeding books in our website store. Most of our leaders can answer the support line in English.​

A woman says Hello
A woman says Hello

Motherhood is a world in its entirety, and so is breastfeeding. So many things occupy us.

Did you feel the need to just talk about it?

Maybe you want to see more breastfeeders? More breastfeeding babies?

Do you want to be in the company of women like you, breastfeeding, and hear their experiences?

Or share your experience?

The meetings are our way of providing information, support, and group strength along with other moms.

With us, in an understanding and supportive environment, you can bring up any emotion and dilemma you want around motherhood and breastfeeding.

Nowadays, we have online meetings on ZOOM. Join our WhatsApp group for English speakers and get informed of our English meetings.


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