LLL Conference for Mothers April 8, 2016 in Tel Aviv

New folder-001Registration for La Leche League’s Conference of Breastfeeding Mothers!

All lectures in Hebrew.

La Leche League invites you to participate in their conference on breastfeeding!

The conference will take place on Friday, April 8th 2016 (29  Adar Bet, 5776) in Mercaz HaYeridim, in Ganei Taarucha, Bitan Street 19.

The conference will open its doors at 8 AM.

You are cordially invited to visit and explore the booths, to meet and greet other breastfeeding mothers, and to enjoy your time with us. We are excited to see you!

The schedule is as follows:

9-10:00: Lecture:  “Does milk turn to water? : Fascinating information on breastfeeding and breastmilk”

Given by Dr. Sharron Bransburg-Zabary, LLL Leader, Lactation Consultant, Scientific Advisor for Mamimilk Laboratories and the Breastmilk Bank Organization, IBCLC, PhD.

10:00-10:40: Break, time to visit the booths! Refreshments will be provided.

11:30-10:40: Lecture: “Sleeping like a baby: on sleep, babies, and breastfeeding”.

Given by Dr. Gina Weissman, Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Registered Nurse (RN), DMD, Manager of the breastfeeding clinic: Moadon HalavM

11:30-12:00: Break, time to visit the booths!

12:00-12:30: Lecture: “Breastfeeding against all odds: a mother’s story”. A wonderful and touching breastfeeding story given by Lili

12:30: A raffle hosted by LLL and the conclusion of the conference.

For those who are interested, at this time we will also be taking a large breastfeeding picture!

The booths will remain open for visitors until 14:00.

We look forward to seeing you!

La Leche League Leaders in Israel

Public Transportation:

You can come via public transportation, as the entrance to Mercaz HaYeridim is next to the train stop. The entrance next to Sderot Rokeach is open to pedestrians.

Parking: Parking is available in the lot for a fee of 29 shekels.

Please avoid bringing strollers because of lack of space in the conference area. Baby carriers will allow you greater ease of access.

During the conference, we will be selling raffle tickets for prizes. All proceeds will be donated to La Leche League.

Registration has started! Please choose the option that fits your needs:

1) Registration to the conference: the price will automatically be calculated at the time of payment:

50 shekels for a standard ticket

40 shekels if you are already a LLL Member

2) We are offering a sale: registration for the conference AND LLL Membership. Price for both a ticket to the conference and LLL Membership is 130 shekels. (LLL Membership normally costs 100 shekels).

If you are already an LLL Member, the LLL website should recognize your email address (and change the cost of a ticket accordingly on the payment screen) when you log in to the website. If you have not created a password, it will prompt you to do so.

Electronic receipt of payment is your entrance ticket- please bring it to the conference. No need to print it out. 

For assistance with registration, please call:  050-822-3047

Thank you to Efrat Grunin for translating.